May 28, 2009

A calamity of errors

I like to think that I'm a pretty calm, level headed, easy going person and I think those that are close to me would agree. I have come to realize this can create problems, problems that result from people thinking it’s acceptable to provide mediocre service.

Tuesday we went to the cancer center for my four week check up and Lurpon shot. As usual, I went to the lab first to provide a few vials of blood to be sent to the lab. Simply routine I've done this hundreds of times, literally.

Next off was a meeting with the doc, and here is where the frustration began. It was a calamity of laboratory errors to be kind.

First, the two new tests we started last month, in order to track the two markers suggested by Dr. L in Houston, were not completed.

Yes, I wrote that correctly and you read it correctly! Even though I provided specimens in late April the lab completely screwed this up.

The urine test was never run and the lab decided that the blood test to break down alkaline phosphate was not needed. Can you believe this?

Someone in the lab decided that because the total level was within the 'normal' range, breaking it down further was not necessary. I was and remain furious about this one.

After this part of the discussion with the doc there was not much else we could do except provide more sample and move on. Where we moved on to didn’t make me any happier. It seems the blood samples I had provided earlier in the morning failed to include a sample for PSA. Can you believe it? After four and a half years someone forgot to request the blood draw for a PSA, it was simply left off the lab order!

By the way, later on in the day we did get my PSA; it's up to 51.13

Next up, oh yes there is more, was my ankle. This part actually contains good news. I'll just admit it up front; I over did things last weekend. I played disc golf everyday from Friday to Monday, I worked in the yard Saturday and Sunday and over all was on my feet way to long. By Monday night my right ankle, the same one I broke almost three years ago to the day, was pretty swollen. Due to the fear of another blood clot we discussed with the doctor and agreed to run a new ultrasound of my right leg. The good news is nothing was found. After keeping my leg elevated as much as possible over the last few days I can report that it has returned to normal.

Finally, in regards to my PSA, yes we are concerned but we have to stay on track with what we agreed to after leaving Houston. It's a very hard pill to swallow, it creates anxiety, tension, worry, fear and more. That being said we have to remain faithful that the doctors know what they are doing and the Lord is guiding us down the right path.

Many, many thanks to all of you for your continued prayers, they are powerful and help us more than words can express.


Anonymous said...

I hope your Doc reads your blog and makes effort to complete the proper ass -kickings that need to take place. I am so sorry you had such a $hatty day. I'm thinking of you!


Anonymous said...

Ya, I say it is time to kick some ass at the lab! Who the heck do they think they are? I know they are not highly trained or paid, but come on. Someone should lose a job over this. Your in our prayers.

Don & Dana Puchalla

Anonymous said...

Hi david,
I just read this today. I am sorry for the news, but you are right in keeping to the plan. Staying positive is the best advice I can offer. But I can also send love and prayers, you can count on them both...

Tony Crispino

Anonymous said...

My hopes and thoughts are with you as you continue to move forward in this battle. I guess if everyone realized the emotional significance of test results...mistakes would be far fewer!
Your Florida Friends.
Susan & Don