June 06, 2007

Doctor update 1.0

Monday's meeting with my Oncologist went fine. He was certain the leg break was not related to the
metastasized prostate cancer. Apparently, mets in distant skeletal areas is VERY rare.  PSA update due any time.
We saw the orthopedic doctor this morning. Everything is going as planned and I was even told to start putting a little weight on my leg. The goal is to be on one crutch next week and perhaps without crutches the following week! I can't wait! The boot is not an issue and there is no related pain in my leg but the crutches are hell.  You would think with all of the advances in modern medicine, someone would have figured out how to improve crutches? I did find a $995 titanium version on the web (http://www.fetterman-crutches.com/crutchescanes/shepardT.html), I think I'll make do with the aluminum version for now!
That's it for now, I'm REALLY anxious to start playing disc golf again, but yes Mary, I will keep my promise and wait until early July!!! For those of you unfamiliar with the sport, here's a teaser: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H1QVLQriAlM 

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