February 18, 2007

It's day 730.....

(this was intended to be posted 2-18 but we had a glitch)

Two years to the day, I was told “You have Prostate Cancer, and it has advanced into your bones and lymph nodes.

Though Dr. D never told us how bad the odds were, I know I have read the statistics on several occasions. It’s something as bad as “less than a 25% chance of surviving for five years”. Pretty glum when it’s put that way?

However, to that statistic I say, on the anniversary of the diagnosis; phooey! I was going to say something a little stronger but I try to keep this rated G as much as possible. I may not live to be one hundred but five years will be here and gone before I know it. I’ve learned a lot since being diagnosed with cancer. Perhaps the most important thing is that there are no certainties. All the doctors can do is try to put you in a category, based on what they have studied and seen before. This is certainly not meant to slam the medical community. I’m just pointing out that every case is different, and because of that, cancer survivors must grab on to two fundamental things, faith and hope.

Two years later and an unbelievable roller coaster ride of emotional highs and lows, here I am. I am stronger both physically and mentally and ready to take on the world. It hasn’t, nor will it be easy. Mary and I try not to look too far ahead, as we never know what’s going to happen next. Despite the anxiety we face each month, as my PSA level is tracked and the determination is made if we are still effectively managing the growth of the cancer, we are encouraged with the research that is being done to find improved treatments to combat this disease. Prayer is our most powerful resource and I thank everyone who continues to support us through prayers for healing.

In reflection, I have made new friends, strengthened other friendships and impacted people I have never even met. It’s been a journey of a lifetime. A journey and a lifetime, that have only just begun.

The weather FINALLY broke here today. The temperature rose over fifty degrees so of course we had to play Disc Golf! It was still a bit chilly at 8:00 AM with four or five inches of snow still on the ground. There were just six of us adventurous enough to play so we paired up and headed out. It was an enjoyable morning. After not playing for almost a month, I was pleased to have shot a score in the 40s, for the first time, 48 to be exact. I so look forward to Spring!

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You have certainly touched many people and I pray that in 30 years you will still be touching people and playing disc golf.