February 11, 2007

A difference, a milestone and a poem

I have shared here before many, many times that we, the men with PC and those that support us, are not doing enough for the cause. What I am suggesting is so little, not a fund raiser, not a tremendous amount of your time, a simple phone call, a quick email is all it takes.

I attended a charity dinner last night for the local children’s hospital here in Kansas City. At the table was a friend I had met 18 months ago, just 6 months after my diagnosis. At our first meeting I apparently put the fear of God in him as it relates to PC. He returned to his office after lunch that day and told everyone in the office my story and the importance of being tested. One younger man in his office, who was just forty years old at the time reluctantly made an appointment with his General Practitioner. Four days ago he had a Radical Prostatectomy and is recovering at home.

What started as a lunch, turned into detection, turned into an operation, that may save this man's life.

Make a call to a relative or an old friend; tell a stranger my story or your own or that of a relative with PC. Tell them the importance of getting tested. You never know how it might impact their life or yours.

Today is the first of two upcoming anniversaries Id rather just forget.

2-11-05, the day I received the results of my biopsy and the phone call confirming that I officially had Prostate Cancer. My how many things have changed in the past two years. I have made so many new friends, I hope I have affected a few lives in a positive way, and through the generosity of the supporters of FLHW we are making a difference.

The road ahead holds many things,
Most of them are yet foreseen,
But strength I gather from my God,
Allows me to continue my plod.

So many things to be thankful for,
Friends and family new and old.
I count the blessings in my life,
Most of all my son and my wife.

The road ahead holds many things,
Hope and promise are around the bend,
Stronger today than yesterday,
In mind and body to you Lord I pray.

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Anonymous said...

Hey David! I had lost track of your blog until BRay sent it to me today. But you have were never lost in my prayers! You hang in there & keep fighting the fight for yourself, your loved ones & all of those who you may never know, but are doing so much for. Joyce K.