December 20, 2006

The road behind me, the road ahead.

I started creating a binder the other night to hold notes from Doctor appointments, medical bills, PSA reports, etc. Nothing like waiting two years to get organized!

As I was going through some of the notes it made me realize how far we have come! Hand written notes "PSA = prostate specific antigen". There were a number of notes that were similar, phrases etc. we wrote down at the time that now we are 'experts' on. Hormone Treatment, why surgery is not an option, radiation etc. A strange, somewhat eerie flashback at times.

The most startling note was perhaps the shortest. It was in my handwriting, written with a Sharpie [I couldn't find anything else to write with in the conference room I made the call from]. It was from the day I was told the MRI and Bone scan test results (February 18, 2005), it simply said "Confirmed, it's cancer". As I read this the other night I immediately thought "Did I really need to write this down?" Funny how the mind works....

This post is not intended to be a downer. Just the opposite! It's a follow up to my last and the fact that you never know what lies around the next turn! As I reflected on some of the notes I told Mary later it's amazing how far we have come when dealing with this situation. My PSA number is over three times worse than last year yet I feel 110% better about where we are and what happens next! We have come so far and we have a long road ahead, a journey I look forward to for the most part!

Peace be with you all and Merry, Merry Christmas!!!

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