December 18, 2006

A four letter word starting with 'H'?

I just re-read my blog from last year at this time, wow what a difference a year makes!!!

Last year my PSA was 7.18 and the thoughts of chemo danced in our heads.
It was an non-eventful Christmas in the Emerson house. Mary and I just went through the motions. It was a scary, stressful few weeks. By early January it was the beginning of a new year and life was so different! This year, my number is MUCH higher yet I find myself calm, relaxed, peaceful, thankful.

The situation from last year is a perfect insight into how I live my life in general and how I've gotten through this ordeal so far. Don't get to stressed by the situation at hand, you never know what tomorrow brings?

It's Hope - The answer to a prayer, the birth of the Christ child, a cure for cancer! You just never know what lies ahead!

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