November 21, 2006

Gone but never forgotten

A very dear friend of our family passed away today. She had battled cancer for over thirteen years. She and her husband have been friends with my parents for at least thirty years.

Over the past month I thought about her at least three or four times. Each time I was driving to/from work and thought I need to call her. I had heard she had been going through a rough patch and things werent looking real promising. Due to distractions at work, or when I arrived home, I never made the time to place the phone call. I really wish I could have said goodbye. She was a sweetheart.

In the latter years of my Moms life, she always helped out at dinner parties, etc. that Mom and Dad would have for work.

Or when they traveled together to conventions, she always made sure Mom was included, even though her mobility was limited. She had reached out to me when I was first diagnosed. Its been almost two years since she called, I can still hear her telling me, Ive been fighting cancer for eleven years now, you need to be strong, be positive and don’t ever give up.

To her husband I can only say, "Roger, know this, she may be gone but shell never be forgotten. She touched a lot of people, in a positive way. She was a beautiful, kind person and Mary and I feel incredibly blessed to have known her."

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