April 19, 2006


Perhaps I've coined a new term? It combines this, my blog with blah, the way I'm feeling.
NOTE: this is not blah as in I feel bad, just blah in neither good nor bad. Overall, I remain positive, healthy*, upbeat and confident, however, at times this whole thing just beats you down a little. It grows tiring. I want to be normal, to live a normal life. I am not naive, or unrealistic, I know that is not going to happen, I just wish it could. Please don’t misinterpret, I'm not down, things are going GREAT…I'm just thinking out loud here.

It's Spring here in KC, but it's almost as if Summer is here as well. It's too warm, too dry.
I've planted spinach and lettuce and am anxious to get the tomatoes I've started from seed into the ground. Today I'm taking a 1/2 day of vacation to play golf. I can't wait, even though I haven't played since last fall. It's supposed to be 70 but blustery…perhaps the winds will blow primarily from right to left and correct my "strong fade"?

Not much else is new. We wait day to day until the first week of May when I have blood drawn again.

Do you need a laugh? Go to "The Adventures of Cancer Girl". Karen, thanks for the frequent laughs!!


Anonymous said...

Your right, The Adventures of Cancer Girl has some funny stuff. Enjoy your afternoon of golf. We got you beat on the heat here in H-town, Yesterday the temperture approached 90. Rick

Karen said...

Aw, thanks for the link! I love the word "Blahg"!

John Wagner said...

Man, I can relate to "Blahg!" You hit the nail on the head. By the way, we hit 100 a couple of days this week. Now the nightly spring storms because it is so hot in the day. We had hail last night and now more are approaching tonight. By the way, loved your latest comment on my blog. I am desperately searching for that "Happy" dwarf. He used to be around here somewhere. I think the evil gnome 'Prednisone' has him locked up somewhere. Maybe under a bridge. I will look for him tomorrow when it gets light. I hope you enjoyed your golf game and had favorable, correcting winds.