December 18, 2011

Pretty close to normal

For all the issues I've been having lately, today, for more than a few hours, normalcy returned to our lives.

It started early this morning when I decided I would hit the disc golf course. No, not to play, just to walk along and visit with some of the guys. It only got better when Mary, for the first time ever, decided to join me. The crowd was light but it was already over forty degrees when we got to the park. I was only able to last until the 11th hole for two reasons; first I didn't want to overdue it and two, the easiest way out of the woods is after the 11th hole.

We went home, I had a quick 30 minute nap and then it was time to get ready for the matinee show for Trans Siberian Orchestra. Brad, Mary and I had a great time,but it was not at all what we expected. I was expecting something more along the lines of Mannhiem Steamroller, this was more of a rock opera performance, with some seasonal music added in occasionally. The lights and special effects component was very, very impressive.

After the performance, it was off to the Country Club Plaza and our favorite restaurant, Houston's. When we walked in at 6:30pm there was already a ninety minute wait.! Being seasoned veterans at Houston's, within five minutes we had seats at the bar and were placing our orders for dinner! The service we received was as good as having our own booth in the dining room.

What a perfect, busy, entertaining, and nearly normal day!


Anonymous said...

We wish you many more of those days! Merry Christmas and very best wishes for the New Year for you and your family!
From the Sunshine State,
Don & Susan said...

WIsh you many many more of these special days!

MP said...

What a wonderful refreshing post, a GREAT diversion. So glad you shared your day with us. Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year to you and the family!

Anonymous said...

Great to hear! Have a wonderful holiday season!

Beth L.