September 15, 2010

Two years and nine months ago

After five and a half years and nearly 550 entries you can probably imagine that there are many, many times that I struggle to come up with a subject that is even faintly interesting. This is particularly true when things are  going well medically. This is one of those times.

Monday was my recurring four week appointment with my oncologist. The results were once again favorable, my PSA is down again and now stands at 28.69!  A reason for celebration! I just checked and this is the lowest level since December 2007!

I woke up Tuesday morning and thanked God, for a number of things: Mary, Brad, the support, love and comfort I receive from friends, family and strangers, and finally, a win by the Kansas City Chiefs! I try, most of the times rather feebly, to explain how much the process of living with this terminal disease has changed me. I look at things so differently and I hope some of you can see the changes through my actions and how I live my life. I am certainly not saintly, without sin, or without set backs, but I try to live a life that is more balanced and less stressful.

Less stressful you might be asking...How is that possible when you are living with a cancer that will, without a miracle or scientific break through, ultimately take your life? It's really no secret, just don't sweat the small stuff. On a daily basis nothing is going to transpire that will make a significant difference in the outcome. Eating right, exercising, remaining spiritual, are all required, a given if you will. So enjoy the little things, stop and smell the roses.

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Anonymous said...

David -

I am SO EXCITED about your PSA progression down! Thank you for keeping us posted and for the WONDERFUL inspiration You, Mary and Brad are!!! I very much celebrate your Spirit!

God Speed, my Friend and Keep Smelling Those Roses! God is Good...isn't He!!! YES, Indeed!

The daughter of, an also wonderful, man that happens to be in your shoes,