July 19, 2010

As the roller coaster turns

As I have shared here before, this journey is if nothing else, a roller coaster ride.

Today, was the good part of that ride. For some that could mean, the point when the coaster pulls back into the station, for me, it's that part of the ride when you are dropping down the largest hill. That weightless, out of control feeling that for lovers of coasters, like me, you look forward to with anticipation. That anticipation was how I approached today's doctor appointment. I knew that after radiation last month the chances that my PSA would go down were pretty good. However, I had no idea what the decline might be and was cautious to not expect too much!.

Last month my PSA was 107.00.

Today it was 54% lower, or 49.89.

Wow, that is cause for celebration, even a slight one. After 19 years of marriage, and after five years of this ride, it wasn't like we were going to jet off somewhere tropical to celebrate (as nice as that might be!), but we did take some time to enjoy the day, to enjoy the news, to share the joy.

We never, ever know what lies ahead, but who really does? The difference is for the rest of you planning your life six months from now, or a year from now, it is not a stretch or an act that would seem foreign to you. For us, we celebrate this day, but right there in the forefront of our minds is that we know that 28 days from now, it all could change once again. All we can do is pray that what lies ahead is yet many more hills on this roller coaster ride.


Wendy said...

That is wonderful news!

LeftTenant said...

Big congrats, David. This is a gut wrenching sideshow to our real lives but that is fantastic news.

Anonymous said...


Tom T.