September 15, 2009

Unwanted, but hardly unexpected

If the past 55 months have been nothing else, they have been tumultuous. Today was just another example of the uncertainty that is my life.

My PSA number was back up, this time to 99.43

I was pretty bummed out, for about an hour. Seriously, by the time Mary and I got home I was pretty much over it. It's a good time, if there ever was one, because I'm busy...between the preparation for the upcoming golf tournament, the reorganization going on in the office, and a few other irons I have in the fire, I have little time to slow down or dwell on my PSA number.

We did leave the doctor with this plan; on October 6th I will have follow up bone and CT scans. Aside from taking up most of a day, these don't bother me too much. I am slightly concerned however about the total number of these I have had over the years. I should probably know this off the top of my head but I would estimate that this makes a dozen. That much radioactive dye can't be that good for me. On the 6th I will also have a PSA, CTC and alkaline phosphate test. The combined results of these tests are what we are hoping will lead us to a new plan.

The choices for my next treatment are limited; DES (estrogen), another round of chemo (3 weeks on, 1 week off versus last time when I did 1 on 3 off) or a yet to be determined clinical trial.

So that's the update, pretty crummy overall but we'll get through this like we have before. Many, many thanks for all the kind thoughts and prayers!


John Wagner said...

Hang in there David. That's all we can do. Just keep persevering and fighting the beast the best you can. I will pray that the treatment decision will be a clear choice for you and will be the best one with the best results for your situation. God bless.

Anonymous said...

David You are an excellent example to Me on how to keep PCa on the back burner while you live your life .
You are always in my prayers

Anonymous said...

still watching your progress and hoping for the best for you, Mary and Brad. an old friend

Dan M said...

David, I've been reading your blog and emails for some time now and thought I'd step forward to thank you for sharing your experience. I'm 2 1/2 years into advanced PCa and just celebrated my 50th birthday. Since I recently started a full androgen blockage I'm looking carefully at all the options for my future, and your blog has been a great help for keeping my attitude positive. It's very good to know that through all this treatment you have managed to live a mostly normal life, and I hope to do the same for years to come. Thanks!