April 21, 2009

Spring and a few other things

This might finally be the week when we put winter behind us. I say that with some trepidation, not wanting to jinx things. I planted spinach about a month ago and it is finally making some real progress, however harvest and a fresh salad from the bounty are weeks away.

We played in a rain soaked disc golf tournament on Saturday and I hope to get out a few times this week and weekend. Additionally, plans are well under way for our second annual FLHW disc golf tournament on May 9th. Details are at http://www.flhw.org/2009discgolf.htm

Since returning from Houston, I've really been trying to take the doctor's advice to just get on with it. We have been really wanting to get back to Florida and may try to plan a trip for when school gets out. I could use some sand between my toes!

My next appointment with Dr. V is next Monday and for once I am not real concerned. Well maybe just a little. There is potentially some good news on the horizon for those of us with advanced prostate cancer.

I've written about this new drug, Provenge, a number of times over the years. My first post on Provenge was on October 24, 2006. Next week the company is scheduled to announce the results of their Phase III trial and rumor has it, the news is good. What that means is, in the best case scenario, the drug may be available in the first quarter of 2010. Available and approved or paid for by insurance are two completely different things as well. It is still good news and apparently there may be more regarding other treatments in the months ahead. Again, nothing curative, simply drugs or treatments that may extend the life of those with advanced PCa.

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