December 14, 2008

Update before ten

Before I get to your real reason for coming here an update from today I have to share a weather 'event'. We were driving back from our annual shopping spree at Lake of the Ozarks and we stopped in Clinton, Mo, about an hour from home. When we got out to stretch out legs, etc. it was 65 degrees outside, absolutely beautiful. As was started back out, 15 minutes later it had dropped to 40 degrees and when we arrived home an hour late, it had dropped 41 degrees and was a mere 24! Overnight it is supposed to dip below 9 degrees! Crazy weather...

Hopefully the freezing rain we are also supposed to get won't make our trip to KU Cancer Cancer too dangerous. The only thing that might make things easier is that this appointment is not until the afternoon, with treatment not beginning until 2:00pm.

I am somewhat reluctant about treatment #10, particularly after the last time. Ten days before Christmas, I could use some good news, something a little encouraging. I spent part of this morning updating a matrix Mary and I keep with all my test scores, as well as a list of what options lie ahead. After looking it over, my mind is all over the place. I'm not really sure what direction I want to go? If we have to make a change we can add DES or estrogen while continuing to see Dr. V, if we want to seek others options and possibly other clinical trials we are in all likely hood going to have to leave KC. Where we end up going would entirely depend on the trial. This is a decision I have dreaded for years. Not much has changed, the dread is still there....

So, that is where I'm at mentally, a little bit all over the place. Apprehensive, scared, encouraged, hopeful, indecisive....... wondering.... what lies ahead?


Anonymous said...

God is with you on this difficult journey. He will point you in the right direction. He will guide you through the maze. You have a purpose in God's master plan as we all do. Some of us seek His purpose and follow it through while most of us do not. It is a blessing that you are aware of our Creator and that you embrace Him. Too many people in this world deny Him.

God Bless you and yours. Have a wonderful, merry and blessed Christmas for you truly have been blessed and touched by the hand of God.

Anonymous said...


Best of luck with #10 today. Enjoy this Christmas season with your family and friends. Any decision you and Mary make will be the right one, and He will continue to watch over you and your loved ones.

God Bless,